• Developer: Tuxedo Labs
  • Genre: Sandbox, puzzle, action
  • Version: 0.4.6
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Official information

Release Date October 29, 2020
Developer Tuxedo Labs
Publisher Tuxedo Labs
Genre Sandbox, puzzle, action
Language English, Russian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech
System Windows PC
Version 0.4.6


Teardown Game: Honest Review of Early Access Version

In Teardown game players must use the environment to their advantage. Interacting with objects in the environment is the key to creating a successful path. Stack crates on top of each other to create a bridge over gaps. Use boxes as stairs to climb to higher levels. Throw objects to create distractions or as a distraction. And destroy everything around you. That's all you do when play Teardown game.Teardown



You have to build your own path by destroying everything in sight, then drive a car to the objective. The catch is that you need to collect all the objects scattered around the level before you can leave. There are additional objectives you can complete to earn money in Teardown download PC, which is necessary to unlock new levels and tools.

A fully destructible environment means you can always create a path from one point to another. It doesn't matter if the path is not intended, everything is destructible, including the environment itself.



The graphics are really well-done, and it looks like a pixelated version of Grand Theft Auto. Graphics looks better than in Minecraft. The environment is destructible, and you can build your own path. 

Teardown PC game run smoothly on old PCs with 4GB Ram, 5-year middle-end video cards from nVidia and AMD. But when you make lots of destructions and explosions it can drop to 5 fps even on Geforce 3080. 


Music & Sounds

The music is well-done, and it has a mysterious tone that makes you want to explore the world. All environments do not feel like the natural world and it sounds the same. When you destroy a house it sounds like destroying not a real house. Sounds is the best feature in Teardown download game for Windows PC.



Controls in Teardown free download game are similar to Minecraft. It based on using mouse and keyboard. Controls are very simple and makes game play very easy. But sometimes it’s not very intuitive. Mostly Teardown game controls are perfect.


Teardown Game is a cool and fun game. Download Teardown Game from Steam. Teardown is a sandbox game with elements of destruction. The game is fun to play with the tools and the environment being fully destructible. You can also create your own environment.


  • Optimization.


  • Destruction of objects
  • Open world.



Music & Sounds


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